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The words echoed out and immediately resonated with me. They were not original but refreshing words in unexpected places can feel brand new.

It was a response given by a well-known person when asked about their outlook on life.

“We’re all in this together,” they said.

Even the coldest cynic who cannot find it within themselves to believe the words can at least admit they want to believe that it’s true.

I’m a freelance writer. I’ve said that enough to know it conjures up images ranging from binge watching House of Cards on Netflix on a weekday to writing on the beach like a young Ernest Hemingway.

Those in business for themselves in any capacity realize how far from the truth these images are. Like most things worth doing, the freelance life takes grit, determination and hustle.

And other people…

You quickly reach the conclusion that you cannot do this venture on your own. You need clients and other people to move the ideas in your head into tangible expressions.

Which brings me to The Exchange and the “we’re all in this together” thing. Each time I walk up the stairs and into the co-working space I am reminded other people exist.

When you work primarily on your own, you need that reminder. There are many advantages to working at The Exchange which we will get into at a later date but let’s start here.

We’re all in this together and there is always room at the table for one more. What might you bring to the conversation?