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Successful businesses solve problems. They look at what people need and provide an answer. The gig economy thrives on solutions. Freelancers fill whatever role needs filling and provide innovative answers. It has never been a better or more profitable time to join the gig economy and build the business of your dreams from the comfort of your own home.


Be Honest


A successful business will require self-reflection and brutal honesty. Your current skills will dictate what areas you can approach with confidence, and you want to be honest about what those skills are. If you took one class on C#, don’t think you can pick up a programming gig with ease. Take into account your passions and in what areas you have experience. You need to be able to manage yourself well and handle a challenge — any challenge — that arises in the future. If you aren’t able to set tasks for yourself and complete them on a timetable, this may make your life in the gig economy difficult. You have to be able to sell your business and market your skills. If you have difficulty speaking of your own talents and effusing over the things you do well, then this line of work will be a struggle. Are you ready to put in the hours to start and grow your business? If you are, you may be on your way to success.


Make a Business Plan


A good place to begin building your business is by creating a business plan. A clear plan will help you understand your goals and how you can accomplish them. Look at your competition. What do they do well? Where do they need to improve? How can you fill that gap? Understanding this can aid your marketing strategy and how you will promote yourself. It will also help you set up your operation. What hours will you work each day? You need boundaries to not burn yourself out too quickly. Do you have what you need in your home office to reach success? A physical space for your desk is necessary, and you will want it to be comfortable, as you’ll be sitting here for hours at a time.


Determine How to Get Work


Depending on what area of the gig economy you enter, there are different options available to you. There are apps you can download to help you find work, especially if you choose to work for a company that specializes in freelancing, such as meal delivery or ride-sharing. There are agencies that connect writers to jobs and tutors to students. Use websites designed for gig-workers. They will tell you what gig work is currently available — some in specific areas — but others across a multitude of fields. Even websites like Craigslist or Indeed can be useful in acquiring and advertising work.


Meet Basic Needs


People lead busy lives. If you can help them in their daily duties, you increase your likelihood for success. Jobs such as dog-walking or sitting have many benefits for you, too. You have the flexibility to set your own schedule and prices and have the capacity to choose which dogs you care for, including the size and age of the dog. There are many areas where people are looking to delegate to someone else to save time. You could become a personal shopper or a virtual assistant. You can aid businesses in maintaining their social media accounts by tweeting or managing their Instagram. You can become an e-commerce or real estate assistant, work the hours you want, and keep track of these accounts from your home office.


Starting in the gig economy may seem intimidating. It requires work, diligence, and discipline in finding and maintaining work. However, with the right preparation and mindset, you may be able to find success in this developing field.


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