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It’s the most asked question at any event. For most of us, it’s a wasted opportunity for our business or our cause.

What if you could answer the question and leave people thinking about you the rest of the evening?

How would it feel knowing they couldn’t wait to call you first thing Monday morning?

Having a “one-liner” to answer the question, What do you do?, may be one of the most important things you do for your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a realtor, photographer, engineer, or a pastor… how you answer this question from now on could change the game for your organization


You need to open with the problem you help your customers solve.  

There are at least two problems you should be solving… the External Problem and the Internal Problem.

The External Problem is the obvious problem you solve as it relates to what you do or sell. For example, the external problem chick-fil-a solves is lunch. I need to eat.

The Internal Problem is how it makes them feel. Back to our example: Here’s the internal problem Chick-fil-a solves: eating at a fast food establishment makes me feel gross and unhealthy.

When you start with the external and internal problems, you set the hook.  

What external and internal problems do you help your customers solve? 


How does your service or product help your customer solve a specific problem in their life?

Chick-fil-a solves it by creating a clean, family environment with quality food and kind, energetic staff.

What is your solution to your customers’ internal and external problems?


This part is extremely important to never leave out. We want to give our potential customer a vision of what could be.

What does your customer experience or become because of your product or service?

Chick-fil-a: they enjoy a quality fast-food dining experience that makes them feel better about their day.

Put it all together:

Chick-fil-a manger is asked: What do you do?

She responds: A lot of people hate eating fast-food because they feel gross and unhealthy every time they walk into a fast-food establishment. At Chick-fil-a, we offer our customers a clean, family environment with quality food and a friendly and energetic staff so they enjoy their fast-food experience and feel better about their day.

A few more examples:

Photo Booth Owner is asked: What do you do?

He responds: Most people struggle to provide fun entertainment for their guests while also capturing really great memories.  We provide a photo booth that captures high quality photos of their guests in a way that leaves them talking about the event long after it’s over. 

Manager of the Exchange202 is asked: What do you do?

He responds: A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners realize they are trying to work from home but are getting way to distracted and don’t really have a professional environment grow their business which leaves them frustrated and overwhelmed. We’ve created a place where these business leaders can grow their business, learn from a community of other leaders, and grow their business so they build the life they’ve dreamed of.


Once you’ve completed your one-liner, memorize it.  

Use it at networking events, cocktail parties, weddings, family reunions. 

Use it on your social media profile, the top of your website, your business card, etc. 

Watch as people actually listen to what you’re saying rather than stare at the tray of bacon wrapped scallops passing right behind you.