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The Launch: How StartUps and Corporates Can Launch Together

  • August 29, 2016 at 4:30 pm
  • The Exchange 202
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As a follow-up to StartUp weekend, Innovation Portal and The Exchange 202, in conjunction with Airbus Bizlab, “The Launch: How StartUps and Corporates Can Launch Together.”

What happens when corporations and startups find each other in the same ecosystem? Are they at odds with each other or is there a way for them to launch together in building a stronger future for each entity?

Alex Katzung, BizLab Leader Hamburg at Airbus Operations, will be our special guest presenter as we explore how startups and corportations can work together.

In the first half of the progra, Alex will provide an overview of the Lean Launch methodology, the BizLab experience at Airbus, and the Business Model Canvas. During the second half, we will explore how the two types of organizations can launch together.