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Lunch and Learn: Building the Idea

  • June 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm
  • The Exchange 202
Free Entry

Innovation doesn’t happen out of thin air. The greatest “idea” people have largely been the interdisciplinary thinkers. From Benjamin Franklin to Steve Jobs, these individuals bridge the gaps and create unique combinations that move us.

Join us for our June program as we engage with Kaz Brecher, the Curious Catalyst.

As the daughter of two rocket scientists, Kaz founded Curious Catalyst to marry investigation with action, bringing a new take to the business of social impact through her experience in agile approaches. After years working with emerging technology platforms and solving larger cross-disciplinary problems in the digital agency space, she earned her stripes in the start-up world, leading strategy and operations for early social media innovators and then an open-source cloud computing powerhouse focused on the developing world. With a background across media platforms, Kaz brings a unique creative perspective to her strategy work, combining film, print, broadcast, branding and transmedia storytelling. Kaz is known for being able to switch between the detail of producing and the big-picture design thinking necessary for successful user-centered design. She is a Stanford graduate, Challenge Faculty at and a fellow of THNK, the School of Creative Leadership, and a Certified Scrum Master.