Need inspiration? Want to learn about the community? How is work being reimagined? Read on...
  • Bridging the Gap through Relationship

    You are a police officer arriving on the scene of a very tenuous situation, with escalation of violence presenting a real possibility.  In mere moments, the situation quickly erupts to a level that has become all too common in the headlines OR guidance can be brought t...

  • Business Alabama’s Feature On Us

    How do people collaborate in the new work environment? That is the question being examined by business leaders across the globe. Here in Mobile, AL the Exchange has stepped into the gap to take on the challenge....

  • Why CoWorking?

    There’s a new trend in the workplace: coworking. Co-working is an innovative alternative to traditional office spaces. The novel concept allows independent workers and entrepreneurs to share an open workspace ins

  • We’re All In This Together

    The words echoed out and immediately resonated with me. They were not original but refreshing words in unexpected places can feel brand new. It was a response given by a well-known person when asked about their out

  • The 4 C’s Of Coworking

    I have had the good fortune of working out of close to a dozen coworking places over the last 8 years, and have met some of the great minds and innovators and champions for the movement. I’ve seen everything from

  • Right Here In River City

    There’s a buzz of excitement under the oaks in downtown Mobile. Music and art festivals, architectural renovations and corporate expansion are mingling downtown as a hub of innovation and activity emerges. Right

  • PBS News Hour

    PBS Newshour covered the phenomenon that is coworking and why it is becoming so BIG!

  • Mobile Has Much To Be Proud Of!

    One of my favorite sayings as a fan of the University of Michigan (I know, I know) is “who’s got it better than us? NOBODY!” You often hear Coach Jim Harbaugh (yes, I know I just went there again) asking fans